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florida Kayak Fishing
Check out the newest and greatest trend in Kayaking. These motors are customized to fit your Kayak and are easily controlled from the comfort of the cockpit.
Some of the benefits of a Motorized Kayak are:

  • Low initial investment and low maintenance cost.
  • Motor is easily removed when not needed.
  • Easy to fight fish, either by chasing them down,
            or using reverse to hold your position.
  • Kayaks can be launched anywhere there is water access.
  • Great for wildlife photography or videography.

Have you ever been out fishing on your Kayak, and wished you had an extra set of hands to cast with while you're paddling? Or ever wanted to take your Kayak to a really nice, secluded area, far from anywhere you can launch, but are not comfortable with the idea of having to paddle all the way there and all the way back?
Well here's your solution. Our motor mounts on the stern of your Kayak as opposed to the side of the Kayak like most Kayak motors you see (why would you mount a motor on the side of a boat? doesn't make sense right?).  The new EM controllers use the latest technology to extend run time up to 4 times. They also feature a waterproof housing for all electronics, which is mounted out of the way below deck, and a wired remote control, which can be moved all around the kayak. On our regular motors, the throttle control is a turn knob that is usually mounted in the cockpit forward of the seat (between your legs), but can be mounted anywhere else as well, but can not be moved.
Steering is done with the foot pedals, just as if you were using a rudder. This enables hands free operation, except when you're adjusting the speed, but even that takes only 2 fingers for a split second.

The motorized kayak eliminates most of the disadvantages that a Kayak might have compared to a regular motor boat, while preserving all the advantages. Depending on the Kayak, you can generally get into water about 12" deep with the motor down and running. If you need to get into shallower water (to about 4" deep) you just tilt up the motor, and paddle or pole. You're also maintaining the ease and economy of using a Kayak versus a powerboat. The only cost is a few extra cents on your electric bill to charge the battery. No Fuel, no ramp fees, no trailer parking fees. You can launch your kayak at countless locations, basically anywhere there is water access, no ramp needed.

The Motor kits are available in 30, 45, or 55 pound thrust versions.
Prices range from $500 to $1200 depending on the motor and the Kayak.
Kits include everything needed for installation except the battery and tools. These kits are custom built and are different for each Kayak Model. Some of the Kayaks that these Motors are available for are Malibu, Wilderness Systems, Ocean Kayak, Native Watercraft, and more. New models are added constantly, so if you're looking for a motor to fit your Kayak let us know, and we'll tell you if it's available.
We are also able to install these kits on your Kayak for you, or can sell you a complete package with the Kayak and motor installed.

Advantages of a motorized Kayak:

Increased Range.

Ability to set up an artificial drift along a
shoreline, sandbar, etc. regardless of current.

More time spent actively Fishing.

Trolling at a constant speed to control
depth of bait or lures.

Ability to clear baits of debris, while still
trolling your other lines.
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(not including Kayak or battery)
X-Factor, S-12, S-14
30 lb thrust $500
45 lb thrust $650
55 lb thrust  $650

Mini-X, Pro Explorer
30lb thrust $550

Maximizer  +$355
EM option +$510

Installation $200

Click here for motorized kayak packages

OK Torque
Native Volt
Universal mount
Run time/range at full speed
7 hours*/35 miles
36 minutes/3.5
Run time/range at low speed
20 hours**/40 miles
6 hours/15.6
rudder required
$500 and up
$1999 including kayak
$2389 and up including kayak
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